The Agenda for 2018 Yushan Forum

Date: October 9th, 2018

Yushan Forum, October 11, 2018 

08:00-09:00   Registration

09:00-09:50   Opening Remarks and Keynote Speech

09:50-10:10  Coffee Break

10:10-11:40  Session 1: Nourishing the Future

 Talent cultivation is the foundation for development in Asia. This session aims to focus on comparing policies and current development of higher education between Taiwan and other Asian countries. It outlines the potential approaches for effective collaboration between education and industrial development, and explores how Taiwan and its neighbors can work together to incubate young talents and promote the prosperity and development of Asia.

11:40-13:20  Luncheon Speech 

13:20-14:50  Session 2: Facilitating Public Health Collaboration

Taiwan’s successful experience in public healthcare is highly valued among Asian countries. This session will review current development progress and collaboration experiences in medical services, public health, capacity training and epidemic prevention efforts, and will explore options to facilitate health care reform in the Indo-Pacific region through public and private investment, industrial and services innovation, and regional collaboration and integration.

14:50-15:20  Coffee Break 

15:20-16:50  Session 3: Activating Regional Agriculture

Focusing on Taiwan's “Agricultural Demonstration Farm” and other collaborative regional investment projects, this session will share examples of how countries across Asia can use agricultural technology exchanges to strengthen foreign investment planning and promotion, and to diversify economic engagement.

16:50-17:10  Coffee Break 

17:10-18:40   Session 4: Reinforcing Industrial Innovation

Industrial innovation contributes to the transformation of economic structures, while achieving mutual gains for the industrial chain of Asian countries. Based upon Taiwan’s industrial innovation and cooperation experience, this session examines the capacity and practices of government, enterprise and civil society, and proposes how to implement and deepen the collaboration between Taiwan and regional countries.

18:40-20:00  Welcome Dinner

Yushan Forum, October 12, 2018 

08:20-09:00  Registration

09:00-09:40  Opening Remark and Speeches 

09:40-10:10  Coffee Break

10:10-11:40  Sessio5Connecting Asian Societies

Not only does the vigorous development of Asian civil societies lead countries forward, but is also becoming a driving force for promoting regional prosperity. This session focuses on the trends of cooperation between Taiwan and Asian civil societies. In addition to realizing the link between Taiwan and Asian countries, the session will also focus on how relevant initiatives achieve global sustainable development goal

11:40-13:20  Luncheon Speech

13:20-14:50  Session 6: Linking up the Policy Communities 

Asian think tanks and policy communities have a strong influence on the planning of national strategies and regional integration. This session will highlight the exchange between Asian policy communities, focusing on non-traditional security governance, converging regional interests and community awareness through think tank dialogue. It also explores regional governance architecture to further promote bilateral and multilateral networks between Taiwan and neighboring countries and like-minded counterparts.

14:50-15:20  Coffee Break

15:20-16:50  Session 7: Engaging Asian Young Leaders

Leaders of the next generation in Southeast Asia and South Asia are at the turning point --full of impetus for national development, economic prosperity and social transformation. This session will focus on supporting the young leaders’ regional engagement and international development strategies. The panelists connect Taiwan and Asia’s young leaders in the fields of entrepreneurship, economic empowerment, regional resilience, local culture and social practice by strengthening a common prosperous future through mutual learning and sharing.

16:50-17:10  Coffee Break

17:10-18:40  Session 8: Sharing Cultural Richness

Asia’s multicultural heritage is very distinctive. It is a language for people to communicate, as well as a flexible link for cross-border exchanges. This session hopes to highlight the cultural origins and institutional linkages between Taiwan and Asia, and to focus on a dialogue among cultural leaders, arts platform institutions, and community opinion leaders to discuss the cultural basis of economic prosperity in the Asian region. Leaders of the next generation in Southeast Asia and South Asia are at the turning point --full of impetus for national development, economic prosperity and social transformation.

18:40-20:00 Farewell Dinner