TAEF Chairman Hsiao Speaks at Kaohsiung Medical University Interdisciplinary Research Forum

Date: June 15th, 2018
Venue: National Taiwan University of the Arts
Representatives in Attendance: Dr. Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao, TAEF Chairman

Dr. Xsin-Huang Michael Hsiao, Chairman of Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation, introduced and further elaborated on the origins and concepts of Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy, pointing especially to the importance of medical and healthcare related departments in promoting the New Southbound Policy. After Dr. Hsiao’s Speech, professors and scholars also continued the discussion on Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy throughout the conference

Forum Agenda
Keynote Speech: Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy
Speaker: Dr. Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao (Senior Advisor to the President, Taiwan; Chairman, Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation; Distinguished Research Fellow, Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica)

1. Economy and Society
Presenter: Dr. Liu, Cheng (Dean, Institute of Social Sciences; Professor, Department of Sociology, Tunghai University)
Topic: The Succession Processes and Characteristics of Taiwanese and Japanese Manufacturing Firms
Presenter: Dr. Hu, Yu-Ying (Assistant Professor, Graduate Institute of Gender Studies; Kaohsiung Medical University)
Topic: Human Rights Taiwan: Legal Mobilization and Social Influence in the Movement of Same-Sex Marriage Rights in Taiwan

2. Social Welfare and Social Work
Presenter: Dr. Chen, Wu-Tsung (Associate Professor, Department of Sociology and Social Work; Kaohsiung Medical University)
Topic: It’s the System, Stupid! –Responses and Challenges of Professional Long-Term Care Human Resources Incubation in Colleges and Universities
Presenter: Dr. Chen, Kuan-Cheng (Retired Research Fellow, Institute of Sociology, Academia Sinica)
Topic: Pension Reform and Population Change

3. Psychology and Humanities Education
Presenter: Dr. Li, Ling-Chu (Associate Professor, Center for Languages and Cultures, Kaohsiung Medical University)
Topic: On Humanities Education and the Juncture Between Learning and Using
Presenter: Dr. Hsieh, Ching-Lung (Professor, Center for General Education, Nanhua University)
Topic: The Chaos of Taiwan High Education’s Exit Mechanisms
Presenter: Dr. Wu, Hsiang-I (Assistant Professor, Department of Psychology, Kaohsiung Medical University)
Topic: Social Change and Positive Psychology