TAEF Quarterly: Special Issue

October 1st, 2021

From The Publisher

The emergence of the Indo-Pacific has brought about several tremendous changes in the international system. Two developments are noteworthy: several countries are exploring opportunities to cooperate with the like-minded countries with common interests and shared concerns. Second, bilateral ties have also taken shape. Taiwan is an indispensable part of the Indo-Pacific, and its bilateral ties with countries such as Japan, India, Australia are witnessing an upward trajectory.

Through New Southbound Policy, Taiwan is diversifying its partnerships and providing a policy framework in the Indo-Pacific. Taiwan’s New Southbound Policy and its approach in the Indo-Pacific are complementary to other like-minded countries’ approach who are also advocating for a free, open, inclusive, and rules-based Indo-Pacific. Additionally, Taiwan’s upholding of the democratic values, its ability to successfully deal with the COVID-19, and its willingness to engage countries in the immediate and extended neighborhood have presented Taiwan as a credible partner in the Indo-Pacific.

One of the most promising partnerships in the region is that of Taiwan and India. There are visible signs of improvement in ties and to step up the momentum, both Taiwan and India are working towards maximizing the potential of the relations. The special issue of TAEF Quarterly thus features a cover story titled “Partnering across the Two Oceans: The Opportunities and Challenges in the Future of Taiwan-India Relations”, showing our readers how this partnership is mutually beneficial, and the two sides are showing keenness to engage each other purposefully.

Chairman, the Taiwan-Asia Exchange Foundation
Hsin-Huang Michael Hsiao


Cover Story

Partnering across the Two Oceans: The Opportunities and Challenges in the Future of Taiwan-India Relations

- Policies Enhance Indo-Pacific Ties
- Taiwan’s Security in the Emerging Indo-Pacific Order
- Taiwan Can Help; So Should India
- Think Tanks Can Link Taiwan, India
- Democracies Need Mutual Support, Not Judgmental Stances

TAEF Highlights
TAEF Co-organized Exhibition “Pan-Astro-Nesian Arts Festival” with the Kaohsiung Museum of Fine Arts
Southbound Policy options discussed
Taiwan Launched Asian Dialogue Series, Calling for Building Resilience through Social Innovation
TAEF-ORF dialogue: Taiwan, India, and the Indo-Pacific Order: Current Trends and Future Possibilities
The 2021 SEASAT Youth Camp kicked off

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