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TAEF Brief_ No. 71 【Democracy in Action】

July 5th, 2021

In its issue No. 70, BRIEF covers :

▪ TAEF updates 
    - Future of Work for the Asian Youth - Country Profile : Vietnam
    - Democracy in Action: Past and Present Movements in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Myanmar
    - TAEF presented the New Southbound Policy to senior fellows in the US
    - Global Taipei Dialogue X: Education and Taiwan's New Southbound Policy 

▪ TAEF commentaries

   - Five Years of the New Southbound Policy: An Assessment

▪ Consortium updates
   - Contemporary Horizons and Cultural Exchanges of Art Criticism in Taiwan, National Culture and Arts Foundation

▪ New Southbound Policy News

   - Taiwan's migrant workers scapegoated for the spread of COVID, Taiwan News

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